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About Academy

With great knowledge, comes great possibilities of success!

The Parameters

3+1 Months/ Batches:
1st Batch: Jan to April,
2nd batch: May to August,
3rd batch: Sept to Dec.

Have No "Idea" about Hair Dressing?
Then "Shyam's Academy" is the no one you looking for.This would be your 1st move towards hair dressing which gives you detailed knowledge about hair. The Movement, Basic Design/Coloring /Rebond & Relax/Perm/SPA/Style & Care ,Layering & Graduation.

Special Discount:
Get Early Bird Discount by Booking in 1st Five Students of a batch.

The Experienced

2 Months:
For the, already experinced hair dressers, who still want to upgrade their skills. This will also give you a reflection of parameters.
The Texturising, Disconnection, Assymetric looks & Definition.

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Beyound Boundaries

1 Month:
This course takes you totally out - of - the box where we together craft your creative ideas under our technical guidance.

Quick Learn:
These are the crash courses available at "Shyam's hair school " where you learn xpert Hair Dressing in a short period of 6-15 days. Special Discounts:Now 2 hair dressers learn & pay only for 1.(This special scheme is available only during June-September of every year.)

In Salon Workshop

Here 'Shyam's Hair Education Team' comes to your premises to educate not only you but your entire crew.

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Basic Fundamentals of skin:
Includes Movements, Massage,
Hygienic Maintainence, Strong Consultation & much more...

Skin Terminology:
Here You Learn The Basic Science of Skin.

Skin Problems & Treatments {Basic & Advanced With Machines}.
Learn Curing major problems of skin like ''Acne,Pigmentation & Ageing''

Skin Peels:
Glycolic peel, Enzyme Peel & Veg Peel.

Hand & Foot Reflexology

Product Knowledge

Bridal Care
Learn Vital Pre & Post Treatments for Bridal. Duration: 1)Only Demonstration No Practical- 15 Days. Demonstration With Practicals- 30 Days.

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a)Product Education
e)Face Cutting & Shaping


a)Transparent Look
b)Traditional & Western Look
c)3D Look
d)High Definition Look

15-30 Days Learn Through Lectures, Demonstration & Hands On Practice.

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